How to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google

As a newbie blogger, when we create a website, we don’t know how to submit a website to Google so that it can appear in search results.

Even when I started my blog, I was not aware of the sitemaps means how the search engine works, how to submit sitemap to Google so that it can list my website in search engine. But as I started to get information about listing the site in search engines, I learned a lot more about it.

Many newbie bloggers think that they have to pay to Google if they want to appear in the list of search engine results. But this is not true. You don’t need to pay anything, you can submit your sitemaps for free to Google and other search engines.

In this article, I will show you step-by-step how to submit sitemap to Google so it will find all your pages and posts.

How To submit sitemap to Google Webmaster

1. To submit your sitemap, you need to login to Google webmaster which is a free tool that lets you control your website from the search engine results. If you don’t have any account, you may need to sign up for an account first. Here we are assuming that you have already verified your site in Google search console.

2. If you are using Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress site then Go to Yoast >XML Sitemaps>General>XML sitemap.

how to submit sitemap

After following above, a new tab is opened, where you will find the list of sitemaps that you have to submit to Google search console.

3. Now open your Google Webmaster Tool dashboard. At the left side of the page, you will find an option Sitemaps under Crawl section. Click on the “sitemap” to see all your submitted sitemaps or to submit a new sitemap.

how to submit sitemap to google

4. Click on “Add/Test Sitemap” to submit your sitemap file. Here you also can check which sitemaps are discovered by Google or which sitemap files have been previously submitted by you.

How to Submit Sitemaps

5. Put the links of all the sitemaps one by one from the page that was generated by Yoast SEO plugin from step 2.

6. Press “Submit Sitemap” button and Refresh the page.

Now you have successfully submitted your blog sitemap to Google search console.

Note: If you are submitting a sitemap for a new blog, it might take some time for you to see the index status. Here is an example of the index status of my blog:

How to Submit Blog Sitemap to Google

So this was the step-by-step guide to submit sitemap to Google search engine.

Now it’s your time to try this guide and let us know whether or not you have done sitemap submissions for your website. 

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